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June 2019

We have started the Summer term by welcoming some new children and they are all settling well into the preschool . 

Our rising 5s have begun changing themselves for P.E. Sessions, to help with school readiness.  It’s hard to believe they will be leaving us soon to begin their school journey. 

The preschool school children enjoyed watching the school children practice for their maypole dances at the beginning of the month. They did a great job, and even let preschool have a turn at skipping around too! 

The drier weather has given us the opportunity to use our garden area a bit more this term.  We benefit from a lovely, large, sheltered sand pit and the children have enjoyed playing with the new buckets and spades in it.  The mud kitchen has also been favoured. Particularly running the toy tractors in the wet, squelchy mud, leaving tyre prints. The children finished the Spring term off by making Easter gifts and cards to share with their families. 

If you have a child aged between 2 and school age please contact us to discuss our setting and your needs for childcare.  We are a small, friendly setting and have both local children and children from further afield attending.  Great friendships are made at Sturminster Marshall Preschool, many lasting well beyond the years of education.

The Pre-School is currently open:

Monday 9.00 am to 3.00pm
Tuesday  9.00 am to 3.00pm
Wednesday 9 00 am to 3.00pm
Thursday 9 00 am to 3.00pm
Friday  9 00 am to 3.00pm

April 2019

It’s hard to believe that we are in the second half of the 2018/2019 academic year. The time moves so fast.  At Sturminster Marshall Preschool we aim to accept each child as an individual, accepting that they all start with us having had different experiences along the way.  Everyone has their likes and dislikes, preferences, ways of doing things and individual needs. It is our role as Carer’s and educators to build on these experiences, making connections and challenges, supported by knowledgeable practitioners to extend learning.

As we approach the Summer Term we will be ensuring the children are confident not only within our setting but also with going into their new Reception class. As we are fortunate to be in the grounds of the first school we have already made our first visit to play and have a look around.  It was a very successful session and the children enjoyed seeing their old friends, new teacher as well as the new experiences of the classroom.

Our fundraising team have been working hard planning fundraising events for the coming months. Please look out for these. All funds raised will be spent directly on the children.  

The place allocation for first school will be made mid -April. If you have a child who will be going to Sturminster Marshall First School for a September 2019, please get in touch to discuss our transition activities to support this.

The setting is open Monday – Friday 9am-3pm term time. We offer a wide range of activities to cover all areas of learning and development. We follow the interests of the children and build on their previous knowledge and experiences.  Most of all they build friendships that last for years and have fun fun fun!

December 2018

As we fast approach the festive period, plans are underway for our Christmas crafts including our contribution to the Christmas Tree Festival at St Mary’s Church.  We are so lucky to share in such a thoughtful community. As usual the glitter is out and will be found everywhere until the end of term and beyond!

At Sturminster Marshall Pre-School we strive to offer a welcoming setting which focusses on children as individuals, meeting their needs in all areas of learning and development. We aim to support parents and families too, ensuring there is a two way process for communication.

Our team of practitioners are both experienced and well qualified to understand and support your child.  Recent training has focussed on the emotional support and attachment needed to develop a secure bond between practitioners and your child.  Our key person system supports this.

If you have a child who is two years old or over and you would like to book a visit to the setting, please call the office.  We work a flexible system for booking and will cater for your individual needs where possible.  So many great friendships are built in Pre-School for both children and parents, which continue throughout their education and beyond.  Secure emotional attachments are recognised as an essential building block for education.  We can accommodate free funded hours, morning, afternoon or all day sessions for your child.

Sturminster Marshall Preschool is open Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm. 

Merry Christmas from us all at Sturminster Marshall Pre-School

November 2018

The children have been having fun finding out about Autumn. They have been collecting and playing in the leaves, looking at the leaves changing.  We have plenty of squirrels about in the trees in the school grounds and the children enjoy watching them exploring our outdoor area. This year we only have one pumpkin but it’s a good size for the children to scoop out the seeds, explore and use for tapping golf tees in, always a popular activity for developing fine motor skills.

The Rising 5 children had the pleasure of joining the school assembly to celebrate Harvest.  The children sat and listened well to Mrs Ross explaining about Harvest and how we are all grateful for our food.  She also spoke of the less fortunate families who needed our help and support at times; hence some of our Harvest donations were going to a local food bank for distribution.  Caring and sharing is always an important message to focus on for everyone.

Looking ahead we are now planning our Christmas activities and events. It is surprising how quickly the weeks go by when we return after half term. 

Sturminster Marshall Preschool is open Monday to Friday 9am – 3pm. As a small team of well qualified practitioners, we are here to support your child with their learning and development through planned and spontaneous activities reflecting your child’s interests and level of learning.  This is supported by practitioners modelling and scaffolding learning, encouraging your child to develop in a secure environment through active learning which is purposeful and relevant.

We take children from two years old.  Please contact the office to book a visit or to discuss your child’s need and to find out about the Government funding available to you,

Our Rising 5 sessions begin on a Wednesday morning from January.  This supports both school readiness and transition into the school. 

August 2018

Another academic year has passed and we wish all of our children starting ‘Big School’ the very best for the future.

If you have a child who is two years old or over and you would like to book a visit to the setting, please call the office.  We work a flexible system for booking and will cater for your individual needs where possible.

So many great friendships are built in Pre-School for both children and parents, which continue throughout their education and beyond.  Secure emotional attachments are recognised as an essential building block for education.

All three year old children receive funding from the term after their third birthday. Some children are eligible for funding from two years old.  Please contact the setting for more details or bring your ‘Golden ticket’ to us.

Our opening hours in September will be:-

Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm.

Also some children are eligible for 30 hour funding.  Please contact the office to find out more details.

July 2018

Sturminster Marshall Pre-School is run by a small team of practitioners and  a Board of Trustees made up of parents, family members and people from the local community who are willing to give up their time to support us. The Board of Trustees are responsible for the building, employing the staff, fundraising and overseeing the running of the Pre-School alongside the Manager. There are many varied jobs to do from gardening to building repairs, fundraising to interviewing.


Recently the children and the practitioners, parents, family and friends took part in a sponsored walk. The children completed many laps on the school field whilst the adults had a Saturday walk around Cowgrove and New Barn. We have not got a total raised yet but it looks like we have raised enough to purchase tablets for the children to use and ones for practitioners to use to complete the children’s learning journeys. This is an excellent way to share the children’s work, fun, play and progress.

It is hard to believe we are in the last part of the academic year.

Transition into school is already underway with weekly visits arranged to the Reception class. It is so important for the children to get to know the routine, teachers and classroom to ensure a positive transition into the school we are of course in the best possible position being on the school site.

Other events to come this term are our outing, visit to Jan’s garden, Teddy Bears Picnic and Sports Day.

If you would like to visit the Pre-School, please call  the office to make arrangements.

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